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To create cvn , establish a top-tier practice


Ruizhong carrier introduction and words


Beijing Ruizhong Law Firm has been approved by Chinese judicial departments , headquarters in Beijing. Ruizhong Law Firm registered trademark for the"Golden cvn" combination of graphics and text , website domain name “golden-cvn.com” . Our mission is to establish specialization, scale, standardization, internationalization, reputation and sustainable potential carrier of Law Firm.


Ruizhong carrier lawyers has higher education some attorneys also have the professional background of science and engineering and rich experience in legal practice. The professional team strengthens communication exchange and motivation, so our service deepens the depth and has the rapid development.


Ruizhong carrier partners has identified “specialization, scale, standardization, internationalization, reputation and sustainability ’ as development philosophy and strategic vison ,which realises our dream of creating a millennium years old practice. Ruizhong has defined recruitment philosophy compatible with the development concept  - "an attempt to unify the worldwide, first seeks talent people" .


The member of lawyer group has undertook numerous lawsuits,arbitration cases and various non-litigation legal services, the business service covers domestic and international civil and economic disputes,real estate,intellectual property,taxation,international trade,anti-dumping,corporate legal affairs and financial securities and other fields.


Ruizhong carrier has stable clients throughout the whole China and some countries. The client industry includes: government agencies, real estate companies, military enterprises, foreign companies, insurance companies, technology innovation enterprises, financial institutions, media, social groups and celebrities and so on.


Ruizhong carrier member also takes social responsibilities: innovate the legal system of Beijing and china, and open free training course for new lawyers.

Ruizhong carrier will establish their own history and make history immortal status.


Contact lawyer: Mr. Deng




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